Monday, March 14, 2011

While You Were Sleeping

     This past Sunday we celebrated our 3 March birthdays...Ethan turned 9 March 5, Heather turned 21 March 6 and Preston turned 2 March 7.  The whole family was present through most of it...Preston decided to take his nap through dinner and gift opening.  I think it was his way of getting his own party.  :)

     Our guests of honor picked a traditional cookout with brats, hotdogs, baked beans and a jello salad.  Topped off with the birthday cake and ice cream...which this year ended up being a trout.  The cookout part didn't happen because of the cool breezy weather we were having over the weekend.

     While waiting for everyone to show up, Preston decided to nap.    So first up to blow out the candles was Ethan.  He got them all in 2 blows.

     Then Heather with 3 blows to get out her 21 candles...what a spectacular smoke signal she sent up.

     After we enjoyed our cake and ice cream it was time for the Preston still slept.

Ethan was first up and opened a sleeping bag, books and a t-shirt...he gets very excited!!!

Heather received a bottle of cranberry wine, an "I Love Lucy" purse, $ towards new jeans and a puzzle.  After cake was eaten, ice cream lapped up off the plate and gifts opened...guess who wakes up???   You got that right...Preston!  So back to gift opening we went...
 along with more blowing of the candles.  We saved a corner of the cake for Preston's 2 candles but he just didn't understand blowing them out.  So big brother Ethan stepped in to show him how.  So that makes 3 birthdays down, 11 more to go for 2011.  Happy Birthday Preston, Ethan and Heather...hope you enjoyed your day.  :)

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