Friday, March 18, 2011

Volksfest Vendors Needed

Last year was the first year that Volksfest offered an Arts and Craft show along with their popular festival.  After the success of the show, we’re planning to do it again.  Imagine yourself listening to the live polka bands and smelling the aroma of German food all while looking at 100% handmade crafts.  Being able to talk to the person who made the item brings a special effect.  Jewelry made from broken glass made some unique one of a kind pieces.  Wooden puzzles precisely cut with a scroll saw and rough edges all sanded to create a work of art.  Gourds grown in a garden then allowed to dry and beautifully painted or herbs pressed between glass to produce a natural trivet.  Antlers found from many walks in the woods made for great wine racks and other various pieces.  Goats milk soaps from real goats milk were some of the treasures found last year.
     We’re looking for vendors again to add to this unique experience.  These items must be 100% handmade, no resale allowed.  The festival already has food available so no food items.   The date is Saturday September 10, 2011 from 9 am to 6 pm.  The cost of a 10x10’ space is $30.  The proceeds go to the Volksfest festival.  This festival has given back to the community in various ways so the money stays local.   Please keep in mind that this is an outdoor event so plan accordingly.  
     I'm still trying to figure out how to get applications on bare with me.  Leave a message and I'll get to you.   


  1. Marlene,

    I'll take an application.

  2. Oh good...I want to see if my PDF file works...LOL

  3. Hi from your newest fan I love your heading it is so simple yet so true....I am terrible with with applications,etc so I have a wonderful web designer who takes care of mine hope you get the help you requested. Visit me anytime for prim, country, and whimsical fabric and wood items having a great giveaway for Easter Bunny..♥ here is where the details will be on Sunday