Friday, March 4, 2011

Egg-cellent Reading

     In my previous post I mentioned that I love to read information books,  I even read cookbooks.  As strange as that may sound just pick up a 1950's cookbook and compare it to todays cookbooks.  Fascinating reading comparing the size don't see a "pinch" of much anymore.  Well, this past winter I've been reading chicken/poultry books.  I've always had a fascination with chickens, we've raised chickens (not very well) so I wanted to learn more and read more.  Following is a list of books that I've read.

Living with Chickens by Jay Rossier
The book I own is a beautiful hard covered book. A good general information with exceptional pictures.  I see now Amazon has a soft covered version also.  This is a good book especially if you have children that want to learn also.  My other books have black and white pictures but this book is full color.  I give this book 5 eggs...gotta love the pictures.

The Family Poultry Flock edited by Lee Schwanz
A small general purpose book.  You'll learn a little bit about all kinds of poultry. It makes for a good starting point.  Enough reading for you to find out if you'd like to learn more.  Black and white pencil drawings are used for illustrations.  I'd give this book 3 eggs  I saw it more as a tease and you'll end up running out to get another book to do more reading.

Raising Poultry the Modern Way by Leonard S. Mercia
This book has more meat to it than the previous book.  Definitely a little more information included.  Another book with black and white drawings.  I give this book 4 could easily get just this one book.

Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry
This is the creme de la creme of poultry books.  A must have for the more serious poultry grower.  Talks about all aspects of raising poultry.  Over 300 pages of egg-cellent reading.  I give this book 5 eggs!!!

Raising Poultry Successfully by Will GravesAnother "ok" book.  It is a good book with black and white pictures. Definitely a good starter book.  I give this book 4 eggs.

Raising you own Turkeys by Leonard S. Mercia
A good book just focusing on turkeys.  It is a smaller book also with black and white pictures and drawings.  I can't find this book on Amazon.  I give it 4 eggs...I'm wanting to get the Storeys guide on Turkeys now. :)

Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens
OMG...I LOVE this book!!!!  A very in depth education on chickens.  Well worth the money. I have the second edition and I see the third edition is out.  I don't know how much information changes from one edition to the next.  I would check Ebay. A most definite 5+eggs!!!

A Guide to Better Hatching by Janet Stromberg
A subject I really would like to learn more about.  This is an informative little book.  I didn't realize the science behind hatching.  I've done it with an incubator but I think a real hen will be my best bet...LOL  Making sure the humidity is just right...sigh.  Overall I give this book 5 eggs.

Chicken Tractor by Andy Lee
A very good book with very good information on building a chicken tractor...those mobile coops.  You end up with helpful information about grass fed chicken and how to protect them.  Also informs the reader about raising poultry.  I give this book 5 eggs!!!

If your budget allows you to get 2 books my recommendations would be the Chicken Tractor and Storey's Guide to Raising poultry.  With those 2 books you can't go wrong.

Enjoy and happy reading!!!

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  1. Marlene, this really made me laugh! My husband and I keep bringing up the subject of perhaps raising chickens someday. This was the perfect post for us. Maybe we can get started on this sometime soon! ^_^