Sunday, March 27, 2011

No More Bugs

     The other day Mark came in from the barn telling me about something he heard on the radio.  We have problems in our house with Asian beetles, which look like lady bugs, and box elder bugs.  Everyone around here seems to have the same problem.  They burrow in the house during the fall and come back alive in the spring and are very annoying.
     Mark told me to put dish soap in a small dish and that will draw them in and kill them.  Well, I did it...and it worked!!!  I kind of questioned the whole idea and thought that honey would work better.  Funny thing didn't kill them.  They crawled back out sticky and leaving sticky trails all over.  Not to pretty.
     I would supply pictures but didn't want to gross anyone out.  :)  So...get out your liquid dish soap and see what you catch.


  1. Wonder if that would work for red ant hills too! Nice advise there Marlene.