Friday, March 4, 2011

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say!

     When I was a young mother, my mother in law would tell me this all the time "Say what you mean and mean what you say" in regarding raising kids.  She raised 7 great kids, I know, because I married one.  She also told me to always follow through with what you is that being stubborn?  I've been called that by my kids...I see it as being persistent.   Sure, I make sure they get their homework done, they get to work on time, chores get done...if this means I'm stubborn, so be it.  It's being persistent or making sure there is consistency in their lives.  They are raised to know that things need to be followed through.  I'm not the type of parent that allows my kids to run wild across a busy street.  When they are little you carry them across the street.  Then you hold their hands.  Next thing you know, they're walking beside you and finally crossing themselves.  That doesn't mean you aren't watching them anymore, you're still there to jump in and ask "what are you thinking?"  Some day I won't be around anymore but they will still hear my voice in their head, or at least I hope so.  :)  You hope and pray that you've raise your kids with good morals and know right from wrong.  Then they are equipped to enter into adulthood with values that will carry them through life.
     I've also been called opinionated.  I find this comment interesting.  With the internet at our finger tips I read articles every day.  Doesn't matter the subject, I take it in and evaluate it towards my life.  Do I agree with everything I read? No  But it sure has helped define the person I am today.  I never went on to college, my "degree" is life.  I'm self taught.  Am I always right? No  I've had my fair shares of stumbles in life.  So I keep reading and educating myself.  Does that make me opinionated?  Probably, but once you've read what I've read, lived my life, walked a mile in my might be opinionated to.  I hope that our kids keep reading and educating themselves through their whole lives.  Learning isn't just K-12 or K-college but a life time.  I'm not into novels, they are just a waste of time to me.  I love books chucked full of information.  Before I made my first bar of soap I read everything available to me. And when that first batch fail I read some more...see, I'm persistent...LOL  So me being called opinionated also means I'm educated.  God gave me a brain and I want to fill it with knowledge.
    With all this being said, can you change my mind?  Most certainly!  But you better be prepared to back up your information with something I can read...maybe there are things I missed along the way.
     Back to the title of this post..."say what you mean and mean what you say"  that statement means you follow through with what you say you're going to do.  If you tell Johny that if he doesn't eat his dinner then no cookie...follow through and no backing down.  Children need guidelines and rules.  They need the consistency of their parents.  We as parents do this out of love but kids see it as being stubborn.  LOL  Well, then eat your dinner...LOL
    My final thoughts are another saying my MIL would always tell me (yes, she's been my guardian angel this past week) "God doesn't give you anything you can't handle" The first time I heard this was when I told her we were expecting twins.  To tell you the truth...this has been the hardest lesson for me to learn.  When you run into a road block in life just stop, drop and pray.  When you allow your heart to open you'll know his answer.

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