Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to make your own laundry soap

Many times I've been asked how I make my laundry soap, so I thought this would be a good place to show you how...

Things you'll need are:
1 c.washing soda
1 c.borax
1 - 4 oz bar of laundry soap preferably mine :) (4 oz of soap scraps can also be used)
something to shred the soap 
a food processor or very powerful blender
measuring cup

I use my kitchen aid attachment shredder and set it up like this. Turn the bowl from the kitchen aid upside down and place another bowl on top.  Follow manufacturers directions for shredding.  Shred your soap!  

When you are done it will look like this.  Sorry the the sideways picture...blogger did it.  Feel the shreds, do they feel dry or can you feel a little moisture?  If they feel dry continue on but if you feel a little moisture let them sit in the bowl for a couple of days. Depending on when I made the soap it could still be curing.  

These are your shreds.  Don't worry if you have a "chunk" that wouldn't shred.  That will get taken care of in the final step.  In this demonstration I used a lemon laundry bar.  Any of my laundry bars can be used.  

Now place your shreds in your food processor or powerful blender.  Measure out 1 c. borax and 1 c. washing soda, add to your shreds.  Place cover on and blend.  It will get dusty so if you have problems with dust you may want to wear a dust mask.  When you think you are done blend a little longer.  You want it to look like a powder when you are finished.  If you should have little chunks do not fear, I haven't had any troubles with them dissolving when doing laundry.  

This is your final product.  At this point you can add essential oil to scent.  Just add a few drops and turn back on.  

Directions for use: for top load washers use 1 tablespoon/load and for HE washers use ½ tablespoon/load.

This laundry soap is:
<> Suds FREE
<> Safe for septic systems
<> Works great in all temperatures
<> All natural
<> No Chemicals, clay or fillers
<> Biodegradable and Phosphate Free
<> Great for allergy sufferers, sensitive skin, baby clothes and diapers
<> Environmentally friendly
<> Made from scratch using cold process lard soap
<> Eco-friendly
<> Leaves behind no residue

How Long Can Homemade Laundry Soap Be Stored For?
• The powdered version seems to last forever, but I have no exact expiry date to advise.

Can You Safely Use Homemade Laundry Soap With A High Efficiency Washer (HE Machine)?
• Be aware that using anything other than what your machine manufacturer recommends may void your warranty.
• Homemade soap is low sudsing which is important for HE machines.

Can You Use Homemade Soap In a Front Loading Machine?
• Be aware that using anything other than what your machine manufacturer recommends may void your warranty.

I Have Hard Water & My Clothes Don’t Come Out That Clean, Suggestions?
• Try adding baking soda or oxyclean or vinegar as laundry boosters, suggestions for baking soda are to start with 1/2 cup per load.

Can Homemade Laundry Soap Be Used In Cold Water Instead Of Hot?
• Sure it can. If you notice clothes don’t come out as clean as you’d like, try a laundry booster such as vinegar or oxyclean.

Will Homemade Laundry Soap Fade Dark Colored Clothing?
• I have noticed no fading or damage to clothing. I’ve laundered work clothes, everyday clothes and office attire in homemade detergents.

Is There A Soap Residue On Clothes After Washing With Homemade Soap?
• I haven’t noticed it but if you do, here are a couple things you can try: Increase the water amount, decrease the load size or decrease the detergent used per wash. You can also try a vinegar rinse during the rinse cycle.

Why Aren’t There Any Suds In The Water When I Use Homemade Soap?
• Homemade laundry soaps are low sudsing, you won’t see many suds in the wash. No worries, this is normal and your clothes will still come out clean.


  1. wow think of the money I could save....I am going to have to try this

  2. Thanks Marlene! This is a GREAT post! GREAT pictures! This is *almost* like having you here teaching us. Me, my bucket of soap scraps, and Marlene's tutorial ... HERE WE GO!

  3. Wow, great post here. I would do it, but I just got a big batch of soap, though I might just have to try this myself. The low suds made me nervous at first, and I wasn't sure a small amount was enough, but adding a little oxyclean (which I do have) would help with the dirty stuff.