Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy day of a soap maker right before Christmas!

 We are just days before Christmas and I make cold processed goats milk soap.  It takes 4 weeks for it to cure so this week is my last rush to get soap made before the big day.  I decided to take some pictures while I was working to give you an idea of my day.  One thing the pictures don't show are me helping the kids with their homeschooling and reading stories to them.  I was thankful for left overs so I didn't have to worry about stopping to make meals.  From start to finish this is roughly a 12 hour day.
Lye on the frozen milk
I melt all my solid oils first then I add my liquid oils.

Everything gets weighed, you don't use the measurements on the measuring cups.  So this worn out pyrex measuring cup works perfectly for this job.

Add the liquid oils after the solid oils have melted.  This also helps cool the oils down quicker.  :)  

Prepare the mold...I screwed the end on.

Then I line with cling wrap and set my plexi-glass sides in.

I didn't have someone around to take pictures of me mixing everything together but this is the soap in the mold when finished.  It gets covered with cling wrap.  

I wish this part happened every time I make soap...a friend sent this beautiful bouquet to me.  
Repeat all those soap making steps 6 times and you have my day.