Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Grahn Christmas Newsletter part 1 of 4

     This year the Grahn Christmas newsletter is going green.  It will save over 200 pieces of paper and $100 in ink.  The kids had brought up about selling subscriptions but I didn't think that would go over well.  This way I'll be able to share more pictures and go more in depth without worrying about how much this will cost.  So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy part 1...
     We'll start at the beginning with Jason, who had probably the most amazing year.  We left off last year with his engagement announcement to Katie Buwalda.  This was a first for this family.  Jason and Katie made sure everyone in the family had a "job"...that alone was a major accomplishment.  The wedding was beautiful with greens and pinks, the weather was perfect for their hay ride to the reception.  They were blessed with over 150 family and friends join them for their special day.

     The newlyweds have set up house in the house that Jason bought 4 years ago, in Cambria.  Jason still works on a dairy farm and hopes some day to buy cows.  Katie quit her job in Watertown at the photography studio.  Getting paid just over minimum and having to drive an hour one way to work wasn't balancing the budget.  It took her a few months to find another job but now she works in Beaver Dam at Recheck's Food Pride.  They are already talking advancement with her position.  She still does photography on the side and has started Grahn Photography...until that takes off the grocery store will have to pay the bills. 

     That brings us to Jacque...our award winning balcony vegetable gardener.  You read that right...she took first place in balcony greenery and was able to deduct $100 off her rent.  Her rain forest/eco-friendly habitat she created blessed her with fresh vegetables all season long.  She still works in Waukesha as a nurse and has been known to take in her bountiful harvest to share with co-workers.  I don't have a picture of the habitat she created at this time but just imagine tomato plants growing up into other residents balconies.  Along with very large bean plants, flowers, lettuce...she did attempt zucchini but moved the pot and the plant wasn't pleased.  The 20x6' balcony also was home to various flowers too.
     This past year she has also rescued 2 cats from the local shelter that reside with her. I'll need to get pictures of them too. :o
     A really big mile stone in Jacque's life happened when the braces came off her teeth!!!!  She was so proud that she made it through the over 2 year ordeal!!!
     Every other week Jacque still finds her way home.  She likes the visit along with taking veggies from home that she can't grow in town.

     Next is Aimee...Since last year she has moved into an apartment which I think she liked at first but is talking about a house.  After 5 1/2 years at Marian she will graduate!!!  Look for updates on this event to still happen in December.  She's hoping to get yet more schooling and work as a pharmacy technician.  She still is a manager at the Culver's on the East end of Johnson Street in Fond du Lac.
     Having a new doctor working with her seizures has helped tremendously.  What a difference a different med can do.  With the seizures she has had, Aimee started noticing back troubles.  Recently she started visiting a chiropractor in Waupun.  A little hesitant at first but now is starting to see some relief. 
     Aimee is now the proud owner of her car...she sent in the final payment in October!!!  This is the first time for her NOT to have a car payment!!!  She hasn't had the best of luck in the vehicle department.
     In October Aimee came along with us to Devil's Lake to hike the bluffs with us.  It's not easy for the older kids to come along anymore so this was a treat. 

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