Sunday, November 28, 2010

Randolph's Craft Show

This past Saturday I set up show for the 4th year in Randolph at the High School.   This is my best show of the year.  They know how to bring in the people and repeat customers can't be beat.  One of the people going through was our postmaster.  She thanked me for all the business I move through and I was able to show her what she's shipping in those boxes.  Another person that caught my attention was an owner of a bed and breakfast in Randolph.  She's looking for little soaps and lotions for her business.  That got me excited!  Below you'll see pictures of my set up.  I've been in the same class room all 4 years. 

 There are only 3 of us vendors in this room...we've been together all 4 years and have gotten to know each other well.  We all set up anyway we want and I like to set up in a straight line.  It really helps with the flow of the customers. 

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