Friday, December 3, 2010

The Grahn Christmas Newsletter part 3 of 4

   That brings us to the littlest of the kids...or as the others call them, "the gross little brothers and cute little sisters".  
     Ethan will be 9 in March and still has a very deep interest in music and science.  He is in his 4th year of piano lessons and it comes very easy to him.  There is no interest in outside to this little boy, his enjoyment comes from drawing, reading and playing the piano.  He knows just how to push Angie and Emily's buttons to either gross them out or just plain annoy them.  With Hannah gone to college, Ethan's had to learn how to do chores outside which he doesn't like much and finds ways out of them.  This past spring he celebrated his first communion in church.  He was very excited about it and enjoyed a small party out here on the farm. Ethan is doing 3/4th grade work and loves science.  He is always trying to "discover" something new.  His plans of being a meteorologist are still talked about and he comments that if that doesn't work out then a paleontologist. 

Karlie is a very mature 6 year old but is easily crushed when Heather and Hannah have to leave for college.  She is the "mother hen" of these younger ones and keeps them all in line.  Being the only left handed child has lead to some interesting things when it comes to school work.  It freaks the other kids out to see how she writes and to see her using the "other" hand.  She was the first one we needed to find pencil grips for to teach her the proper handling of a pencil.  With her using the "other" hand none of use could grasp just how to show her.  :)  She loves being outside and helps eagerly with chores and found the garden this past summer fascinating.  Karlie's highlights this year were being the flower girl for Jason and Katie.  She got her hair done with my Aunt Marlene at a really salon and treated like a princess.  Karlie wants to be a farmer, a veterinarian and the president of the United States.  When she becomes president she says the first law she'd make is everyone that has kids will have to own a plucky pony...see if you know which book she got that from.

  It was a great thrill to these younger ones grow pop corn.  They take great pride in shucking, popping and eating it!  We also grew indian corn to grind and make corn bread...Karlie was impressed that we grew the ingredients. 
Behind Karlie is our energetic blond bomb shell Livi who's hair has it's on personality.  If she isn't behind her she's running circles around her.  Livi has an energy that Mark and I wish we could bottle and sell.  Her hair is another whole issue...this poor little 4 year old girl just can't grow hair or keep it tamed.  She claims her bed does her hair.  How funny is that?  I bought Livi and Karlie this past summer at the farmers market each a bunny,  Snowflake and Cotton.  After a couple of months Livi's bunny died and I bought her a new Snowflake.  Those 2 little girls talk about how they have to "pitch" their pens...sometimes they get a whole ice cream pail full!

Livi's dreams are to become a Tylor Swift...she's definitely getting the height. Now, if we can just tame that
hair...LOL   She is also the reason for the first trip to the ER this past year.  She dislocated her elbow...we thought she broke her arm.  We put her arm in a sling and Mark and Emily took her in.  Sometime during that trip her elbow snapped back in.  Found out later that this is common in young girls.  It just took us 8 girls to experience it.  That brings us to the second trip to the ER for this family this year...Preston.  Who had a febrile seizure the day after the wedding during the gift opening out on the farm.  Found out that this is also more common in young kids too...just took us 11 kids to experience this one. He should outgrow it in a few years.
This little boy is in love with the farm, tractors, combines and toys.  Also...LOVES having his picture taken.  Many of these pictures were taken by Angela and Emily.  His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  Recently he's started talking on the phone. Grandma, Jacque and Aimee have all heard about "stuck bombines"according to Preston.  That phrase came from Mark and Preston youtubing after chores. This is his favorite video.   Now just imagine Mark and Preston Oooing and ahhhhing over the stuck tractors. 
    Well, this concludes the writing about the kids...part 4 is Mark and I and other random thoughts.

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