Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Grahn Christmas Newsletter part 2 of 4 - "The Forgotten Four"

     These four girls seem to think that no one knows them or remembers them.  Sandwiched between the older 3 and younger 4 is our "Forgotten Four".  Even though they wear the same size clothes, almost the same size shoe...they are 5 years 5 months between them.  Let me help you get to know these 4 girls a little more.  Yes, they even have lyrics to a song about the "Forgotten Four"...ask them sometimes, if you remember. In the picture Heather, Hannah, Emily and Angie (left to right)
     Heather (middle of picture to the left) is in her 3rd year at St. Norberts in DePere, WI still majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry and looking into Veterinarian Schools to follow graduation spring of 2012.    She stills plays piano at the Presbyterian Church in Fox Lake...just celebrated her 5th anniversary.  This past spring she traveled to Mississippi for mission work, picture to the left.
      Heather is our pie making expert of the family.  When we need pies baked it is Heather who usually does them.  Jason has already asked her to teach Katie.

Starting this past fall she doesn't need to travel back and forth to school alone, Hannah has joined her.  
   Speaking of Hannah, she graduated high school this past spring and started her college adventures majoring in biology.  We held a party for her here on the farm the end of May.  She seems to be really enjoying college life and has adjusted well.  It helps that her and Heather come home every other do laundry.  While I'm typing this they will be gone the first 3 week stretch, Hannah's not sure if she'll be able to do it.  I didn't realize it until this past summer but this is the first time she's been away from home.  She is also part of the MC3 program that Heather was involved in.  Basically she helps tutor elementary school kids after school.  Plus they are involved in other community projects.
   Hannah and Emily had a major mile stone this past summer...they BOTH got their braces removed!!! They had theirs on less than 2 years.  These girls are very proud of their smiles and not afraid to share them.
   That takes us to Emily...before Angie, a first in her life being 14 minutes apart.  Emily is our "cop wanna-be" of the family.  She is so into cop shows, investigating, name it, Emily is there.  She was so excited when Mark got pulled over after church one Sunday by "hot cop"...she came home looked him up on the internet.  If you ever need info about someone, ask Emily.  She knows the web sites to go to and find the information you need.  Yes, she is seriously thinking law enforcement after school. 
    Heather has had Emily play piano in church with her and they want to work her into the schedule.  When they play together it's usually duets.
   Emily and Angie still feed calves around the corner for Kevin Schultz.  Over the summer they bike back and forth their 2.14 miles.  Both girls are excited to get their license so we don't have to drive them. They also still help the neighbor down the road clean house.  They take turns every Thursday afternoon.
    Angie, as I call her...Narg as everyone else calls her.  Poor girl will have that nickname a long time.  Grahn backwards for those of you trying to see how this fits in.  Angie is a shop-a-holic...LOVES black friday shopping with me.  Stalks the store ads and up at 4 ready to go!!!  Do you remember seeing the Target Black Friday ads?  That is Angie!!!  Check these out and you'll see what I'm talking about target1 target2 target3  That is so Angie.  If I ever need someone to go shopping with me, I ask gets it out of her system. 
     Angie isn't sure about what to do just yet after school and is keeping her options open.  She has considered photography/art or even small animal vet.
   Ok, now you know these girls a little bit more as individuals. But many see them together...are you able to tell them apart?   Answers are upside down under each picture...

ɹǝɥʇɐǝɥ 'ʎןıɯǝ 'ǝıbuɐ 'ɥɐuuɐɥ

ʎןıɯǝ 'ɥɐuuɐɥ 'ǝıbuɐ 'ɹǝɥʇɐǝɥ
Hannah, Angie and Emily participated in Solo & Ensemble this past spring.  All 3 did solos on the piano and Hannah and Angie did a piano duet.  

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