Monday, December 27, 2010

My "Tac" stocking

     My Aunt Evie has always blessed us with a new stocking with the arrival of a new child.  It all started when Mark and I got married, Mr. & Mrs. Claus.  Even when Jason and Katie got engaged I had my Aunt make Katie a stocking.  These have become treasures in our house every Christmas. 

     This past New Years, my resolution was to re-teach myself to knit.  I hadn't knitted in years and just admire everyone that does.  I searched the internet to find a stocking pattern...I found one!!!  It looked like something I could handle.  I gathered my yarn and needles and proceeded.  Following the pattern, I started at the top.  Got the ribbing to look great and then on to the name.  I studied it out carefully before proceeding.  Before even starting I had to think about "who" to make the stocking for.  Jacque's cats came to my mind.  I didn't want to put a "name" in there so I thought "Cat"'s nice and short and should be easy.  Onward I the name done and was so proud of myself.  "I did it!!!", I exclaimed to the family.  Turned it around to show them and it said "TAC"!!!  Good grief...knowing Jacque's sense of humor, I kept it that way.  It's my first stocking and now it's hers and there is definitely a story to go with it.  Merry Christmas Jacque!!! 
     Some notes about the pattern and the yarn...I used Vanna yarn from Wal-Mart.  Wonderful soft yarn and easy to work with.  I bought a skein of each color and had plenty left over to make hats for the younger kids.  The pattern was very easy to follow, even though I did a couple boo-boos.  Besides it saying "TAC" you'd never know it unless you are an experienced knitter.  :)  Those I'll keep to myself.  ;)  I hope you enjoy this story and have a Merry Christmas!!!


  1. great job, I tried a mitten and have ...half a mitten. I guess I am not a knitter LOL

  2. Thanks Patti...I sure tried. LOL