Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Very Wet Summer

     With all the heat, humidity and rain we've been getting you'd think we live in the rain forest along the Amazon, we live in Wisconsin.  Oh, and did I mention the mosquitoes?  Last summer was so cold and I guess this is the year to average it all out.  Below you'll find pictures we've taken throughout the summer of 2010.  
Storms coming across the field.
A double rainbow followed that rain.
Clearing after the storm.  
This is our daughter Emily standing in a corn field after a storm late July.  
What does all this rain lead to besides lots of mosquitoes?  A garden that is yielding like no tomorrow!!!  I give my daughter Angie lots of credit for these next pictures.  She battled loads of "skeeters" to take these for me.  In one swat she got 5 at once!!!  Thanks Angie!
This is that yellow pumpkin in a previous post.  Angie took along a quarter so you can see size.  This is going to be one big pumpkin. 
I'm pretty sure that this is a different peanut pumpkin that I've blogged about. 
All in all I think we'll have no troubles eating our 5 a day this winter.  Our biggest concerns will be harvesting the corn starting in about a month.  


  1. Oh my. Love the storm pictures. So ominous. That clearing after the storm would make a great ACEO or card Marlene. I love those kinds of pictures.

  2. LOL...Angie took those pictures too. I have a couple more of the clearing.

  3. Great photos! You have a budding photographer there, Marlene. She does a great job! Is there an Etsy shop in her future? :o)