Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Peanut Pumpkins

I've been rather curious about what is all growing in this patch.  We've been able to peek at the outside edge but it has become so over grown that we aren't able to see anything else.  So today I sent daughter Angie in with a camera.  She became one with the patch and this is what she found....
We think these are the really big pumpkins...what ever they are they are already bigger than basketballs.  
She found my peanut pumpkins!!!!!  I was so surprised!!!!
Isn't this the most beautiful thing????   A peanut pumpkin close up.  
This might be a peanut pumpkin in it's early stages.
This is another really big pumpkin.
These are early pie pumpkins....Mmmmmmm
Buttercup squash
A picture of Olivia that Angie took this morning.


  1. OMG, those are incredible! Can't wait to see what Karen has to say. Good thing I didn't plant mine in the pot cuz that pot would have been too small. Can't wait to see them all when they are picked and in your kitchen. Nice job with the camera Angie - I look forward to more pics.

  2. I can't even wrap my head around how very much you guys plant... wow : )
    A surprise pumpkin patch... imagine that! Those look wonderful!
    I'd love to see more pictures of what you see outside of your house

  3. My squash area looks pretty similar! Our winged gourds took over the place! ^_^