Sunday, August 15, 2010

About my Music

     I love music for different reasons.  Sometimes the girls and I are cleaning the house so we'll pick upbeat songs to listen to.  When there is thinking to do, I'll pick a low key and slower song. 
     Straight no Chaser is a Capella group that I ran across.  They do mainly Christmas songs some are remakes and some they wrote themselves.  I love listening to their harmonies any time of year. 
     Sold is a song that I wanted to request at Jason and Katie's wedding...but time got away from me and then the day was done.  :(  
     The Fenians is a group I found while listening to the Jerry Lewis telethon one very early morning while I was up with Karlie who was our baby at the time.  Their music makes me smile.  The lyrics are hilarious and the tempos are just plain fun. 
     Enya is good spring cleaning music.   I don't know why, but her music reminds me of spring. 
     The other songs are bits and my girls say "Mom really likes random music".  So I hope you enjoy my playlist as much as I do. 


  1. Nice job!!! One of these days I'll catch up - I'm learning from you guys. :)