Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hannah's Graduation from St. Norbert's

Ah, graduation day only happens once unless you decide to go back to school.  A special day that is celebrated with family and friends.  Little did Hannah know was that I talked to her Auntie Heidi 3 days before only to find out they had a few days off and relaxing in WI.  Through our talk she explained how they would go home right past St. Norbert's.  So I brought up about surprising Hannah with a visit from them.  Wasn't sure how things were going to unravel until that morning.  Little did I know my mom and step dad were there too.  I had brought up our Sunday dinner to have in Hannah's apartment so we had plenty of food for everyone.  When they stopped in it surprised everyone and then it got loud.  Meanwhile we were waiting for Jacque to come and bring her boyfriend, which we still needed to meet.  When we saw them walking up to the apartment Mark and I hid.  BIL Ed and Heidi introduced themselves as Jacque's mom and dad.  I think Jacque was a little blown away because she had no idea that they were stopping by.  Yeah, that poor boyfriend got a intro into the family he'll never forget.  Ed, Heidi, Mom and Jeff all had to leave before the actual ceremony as they had a long drive across the state to get home.  I think it's safe to say that was one of the best 30 minute parties ever.  

The rest of this post is a pictorial of the day.  
Everyone before Jacque and Rusty arrived.

Christopher Ayers gave the commencement address.  He is a graduate of St. Norbert's and works as a freelance character designer in LA.  He's worked on films like Star Trek, Austin Powers just to name a couple.  Through his whole speech he had some of his artwork displayed on the big screen that correlated to everything he was great.

Poor Preston couldn't make it through graduation so the girls laid him down in the bleachers for a nap.  

Hannah receiving her "cover" from the President of St. Norbert's.  This is when 12 Grahn's let loose with cow bells, whistles and voices...she heard us.  :)  

The final blessing on the graduating class (524 students).  I thought this looked rather impressive as 4000 guests all had a hand up.  

Myself, Hannah and Mark

The 4 middle girls, Heather, Emily, Hannah and Angela

Our St. Norbert Alumni, Heather and Hannah

Preston trying on the cap.

Olivia giving it a whirl.

Karlie trying it on for size.

And Ethan who will probably spend the rest of his life in school...he loves learning.

In the end looking back, it turned out to be a great day.  The weather was very comfortable and traffic wasn't bad.  Hannah received that day her BS in Biology and is on 2 waiting lists for Vet school.  

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