Thursday, September 11, 2014

3 College Girls in 3 Different Schools....What's a mom to do?

     This year we have 3 girls in college and they are at different schools.  Each college does things a little different with "thinking of you" type boxes.  One school does finals boxes which can get expensive but the girls say they are loaded with lots of goodies.  That is twice a year.  Another school does "occasion" boxes which are cheaper but we like to treat all of our kids the same.  Last year to make things even this student got numerous boxes to even everything out.  The final school is grad school...something new to us and we don't think they will do anything.

     The younger kids and I thought about this and decided to do our own "thinking of you" box.  We plan on doing it once a month and sending it out around the 10th.  Last night the kids were writing letters to their big sisters and  helping me shop for goodies.  Using the USPS Priority Regional Rate A box makes shipping very economical.  Each of the 3 boxes cost me under $6 to send.  I added a link to where you can get these boxes because not all post offices carry them.

     This is our September box...2 packages of microwave popcorn, a package of cheesy broccoli soup, a can of instant flavored cappuccino and letters from home.  We are already planning out the box to send in October.

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