Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When Life gives you scraps...part 2

Part 2 brings you 3 more quilts that have recently gotten done.  My scrap tote is actually getting down and I can get the cover on.  :)  

Another quilt using the pattern Going to Grandma's (link in part 1) A great pattern for using scraps of all sizes.   The blue in this quilt is light weight denim left over from making some skirts.  I thought it looked good and gave it a nice country appeal.  This is a twin size quilt.

This is a kit from Connecting Threads and is no longer available.  It is a lap size quilt.  I ended up buying it so I could use the scraps because it is also part of the Charlottesville collection, because there is another quilt I'm working on from all the other scraps from this collection...LOL  

Switching gears a little bit...this is a twin size quilt that only took 3 hours to make the top!!!  The pattern comes from the book The Civil War Sewing Circle and the pattern name is Soldier's Cot Quilt.  Extremely easy to assemble I would highly recommend it to any beginner quilter. 

Part 3 will be shopping bags...another great project to use your scraps on.   

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