Monday, March 19, 2012

When Life gives you scraps...part 1

This past winter part of my goal is to use up some of my fabric scraps laying around or piled in totes. Shhhh...I keep telling Mark that I'm cleaning.   Part 1 shows some of the quilts we made in early February with a couple of them made from kits.  With the boring winter we had my daughters and I enjoyed working together on some of these projects.  A couple will be gifts this Christmas and the rest will be ours.  

The quilt above and the quilt below are 2 different quilts both are twin size.  Using the same pattern but different fabrics.  The pattern is called Going to Grandma's and is found on the Connecting Threads web site.  This is a great pattern if you have lots of small scraps laying around.  It is made up of 2 different blocks that alternate.  

Above is the Pinwheels and Stars quilt that my daughters and I put together one weekend.  This is part of their Charlottesville collection...Civil war period inspired fabrics.  This is a queen size quilt.  It was a little tricky at first keeping the different colors together but we soon found a rhythm that worked.  

This is also from the Charlottesville collection and is called a log cabin quilt.  I love doing log cabins where you keep light fabrics on 2 sides and dark fabrics on the other 2 sides.  This kit is no longer available from Connection Thread.  It is also a queen size quilt.  
This last quilt was a thorn in my side for 2 years. After running into troubles I packed it away and thought some day I'd haul it back out.  Little did I know I was only 6 hours away from finishing it.  LOL   I found this fabric on the web and is from the collection called Cider Mill Road by Nancy Halvorsen.  Surprising 2 years later there are a few pieces around for sale yet.  The pattern consists of star blocks in the middle of Irish chain blocks with a keyboard edge.  This is a queen size quilt.  

Stay tuned for more of our scrappy projects.  

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