Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our first time making a cabinet


Preston and the not that old TV.
On Dec. 8 our 3 1/2 year old TV bought from a "Big Box Store" decided to die.  We soon learned that the big box stores are able to sell cheap because they are made with cheap parts.  Some time ago we had heard that with power tools so I guess it applies to everything.  The more we think about things it does seem true.  So, now what do we do...only 3 days away from a Packer game and no TV.  Personally I don't like the looks of the flat screens never have and never will.  I feel like you need to work with them to make them look like they belong wherever you decide to put them.  This time we went to a TV shop where they can't even buy the TVs that the big box stores sell.  We looked at 2 different ones, got measurements and then stopped by the lumber store.  I had an idea in my head that I thought would work in our room.  We have a large 24'x24' family room but the TV has to go into a corner and from what we've learned about flat screens is that when you are off to the side it looks foggy.  So, are we going to be able to fit a 55" and still be able to view at all points in the room?  

This is the corner that we had to work with...there is 3' from the corner to the window and 8' from the corner to the patio door on the right.  So we ran 2x2"s along the walls where we wanted the shelves and this gives us the frame work that we need.

 Next came the oak plywood and with careful planning it was able to be cut diagonally with very little waste.  The shelf for the new TV bows out slightly to accommodate the stand that the TV sits on.  Little by little you can see this come to life.  This is the end of  Friday and the kids kept trying to visualize what this TV will look like so I took newspaper and laid it out, taped it and put it up on the wall to help them "see" it better.  :)
On Saturday we continued because the TV was getting delivered that afternoon.  We got the plywood screwed down and the sides then were put on.  Meanwhile, I have this thing in my head all built.  I guess that's what makes our 28+ year marriage work...Mark and I work very well together.  I knew the next steps and Mark has the patients and skill to make detailed cuts. the TV comes and we are no wheres close to being done so it goes on the floor.  Not something we really wanted to do but at this point we had no choice...the Packer game was the next day.
Finally by game time the TV is resting on it's shelf.  This thing weighs 77 pounds so we needed things to be secure before lifting it into place.

 Day by day goes by...piece by piece gets added.  It has been a slow process but definitely worth while.

 The following pictures show our work as of today...2 weeks after we started.  We still need to add a little more trim and a door...but it is looking so good.  Just as I visualized it and the best looks like it belongs in this room.  Enjoy the following pictures to show more details.

We added details trim on the doors to give it a "raised" look.  

I found these knobs that had the leaf pattern on them to match the trim.  

This runs along the top of the TV...we made our own crown using picture frame wood and a larger piece of the leaf trim.  

Standing back
This is from the kitchen.  

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  1. WOW!!! That's incredible. You guys can always go into custom cabinet making. Looks great. I bet the Packer games will be awesome. So much storage and nice trim. I think when I come visit, I'll just sleep right there on that sofa, in front of the TV! hahahahah

    Love the post, just love it. Thanks for sharing Marlene. You are Mark are quite the team!