Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Part 3 and final part of road trip 2011

 So our journey comes to a conclusion, not without having a true relaxing vacation.  We took for the hills one more time.  This time going down the Blue Ridge trail.  Not sure where we'll end up but enjoying the slow pace of 45 mph, very little traffic and scenery!!!  Enjoy these next pictures...
Heather, Emily, Hannah and Angie

Leap of faith...letting go and enjoying.

Mark was very impressed with the zoom I have on my camera....he would ask if I could see what was over "there"...LOL

Ethan, Emily, Heather, Karli (in back), Olivia (in front), Hannah and Angie holding Preston.  

Angie and Preston

Making hot dogs .... AGAIN!!!

Emily on our netbook that we took along.  This campground had water and electricity!!!  Woohoo!!!  This was a deluxe camp site at the Fancy Gap, VA KOA.

LOL...we wanted to see how close we could get our tents...LOL

Beautiful site at this KOA and a covered shelter.

The start of our journey home...destination tonight, Indianapolis IN.

We thought the tunnels through the mountains were so cool.

Karlie being silly.
Karlie still being silly...what do you expect cooped up in a van for hours and miles...hehe
You know the travel game of watching for license plates???  We wished we would have kept count of the bridges we went over on this trip.  Each one unique.
Heather driving....
Hannah driving... We're starting to wonder if we should head straight home.  From what we could see on the radar bad weather was in our sites.  We knew that Indianapolis is 6 hours from our house so if we got there at a reasonable time we could make it.  

Just outside of Indianapolis we started seeing some extremely dark clouds.  Very scary looking and we're from the mid-west where we have weather like this...but safely at our house and NOT in a tent.  At this point we made the decision...we're going home.  A day early but regardless of where we would stop we'd have tornado warning/watches and everything in between.  I had asked an attendant at a rest area which way they were heading and she told us an alternative route...the slow as molasses route but we might go around the storm.

These clouds aren't looking good...

Severe thunderstorm warning for Remington county...looked at the map...we drove right into it.  We're in Remington county...

We had extreme  wind, hail, heavy down pours...but we kept going.

That wasn't the only storm we drove through...we hit 2 more severe thunderstorms on the way home.   Not as nasty as the one in Remington county but still severe.  

Ethan...went to sleep.
Karlie sleeping...we did get home at 12:15 a.m. May 23...the day we told everyone we'd be home.  :)  

After this trip we all agreed...limit ourselves to 1 big city.  So this concludes road trip 2011...I'm so glad we were able to find time to kick back and get away from everything.

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