Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Road Trip 2011 Part 2

Part 1 left off with us burning our maps and directions...where do we go from here?  As Angie wrote in our trip journal "The Grahn's are more antisocial than we all thought" more big cities!!! That was one thing we all agreed on.  So early on day 4 we packed up at the West Chester, PA KOA and headed for Gettysburg.  We LOVED Gettysburg!!!  The only thing that held us back now were the numerous school field trips.  Lines and lines of buses and kids running every which way.  But to stand where the Gettysburg address was spoken, to walk on the hallow ground that stands for so much in history was so heart warming and meaningful.  Enjoy the next few pictures that represent our stay here.
 When we finally left it rained so hard that we ended up soaked all the way through.  Then we drove to Harpers Ferry, WV.

Here in Harpers Ferry KOA laundry room.  We agreed that something stunk in the might have been from the down pour we ran through or the 5 loads of laundry I did that night while the kids played on the bouncy pillow...don't ask and No we don't have pictures...hehe  The pictures here show the kids planning the next day and going to sleep on the idea of going to Washington DC tomorrow.  

Our site at the Harpers Ferry KOA
We slept on it and I told the kids that we were only an hour away...I was willing to drive, plus the monuments can be seen from the van if we can't find a parking space.  At first Mark drove until he couldn't take it anymore...then I took over and even did a "U" turn on Constitutional Avenue across 8 lanes of traffic.  

Well, we never did find a parking spot and the pictures we got are thanks to my daughters sitting in the back taking pictures along the way.  Thanks girls!   On to Mount Vernon!!!  Beautiful!!!  OMG another highlight on this trip!!!  To think in George Washington's day, a president had a day job...LOL  A song by Andrew McKnight called George Washington really fits these pictures.  I however can't find it on youtube.  

My camera has good zoom!!!  Do you see the baby birds in the nest???

 Part of todays thoughts were to drive to Virginia Beach via Richmond but that plan got yanked after we spent 2 1/2 hours in a traffic jam on I95...we only went 20 miles.  Scratch that so off the beaten path again and heading for the hills.  See where we spend the last of our trip in part 3...where do the Grahn's go next????

The darkest KOA we've been to...Madison, VA...the end of day 5.

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