Saturday, July 2, 2011

In and around the homestead- July 1, 2011

Some quick snapshots of the day.  I was a very hot day here in Wisconsin with a heat index of 105 degrees!!!  Life goes on and we definitely drank a lot today.  :)
Our front porch.

The east side of the house.

The turkey townhouse in among the grape vines.  

The turkeys love their new dwellings.

They love it when I go over to talk to them.  :)

That use to be our selling shed but it is now used for my chickens.    We still need to do some work but it is functional.  

1 week old baby chicks...these are some meat birds.

The white ones are white rocks and the brown ones are red broilers.  The red broilers didn't do so well when we first got them, that's why I order the usual meat birds.

Brownie the the retirement pen.  She fills her days eating weeds.  :)

I was hoping you'd be able to see more of the hay field.

The strawberry patch where the kids picked well over 500# of strawberries this year.

the potato patch...the potatoes are the size of golf balls right now. .. time to start digging and eating!!!

More of the garden...cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

We're trying head lettuce this year.

our 600+ onion plants

One of the rabbits I bought the girls last summer at the farmers market.  You can see the other one a little bit on the left.

Angie helping Mark with the hay...Heather and Hannah were in the mow.


This time of year the front of our house looks so pretty.

Now we're picking cherries!!!

Apples growing on the trees.
I hope you enjoyed the snapshot of the day.


  1. Marlene, I just love your home and your life. LOL

    I've looked at all the pictures in this post and the ones from your road trip. Enjoyed each one of them and the kids are so terrific.

  2. OMG! Cherry and apple trees too? I think I want to move over there with you guys! Your place looks great, love the photos. Love the veggie garden, but where's the zucchini? haha

    (I'm jealous you had so many strawberries ~ I need to go to the strawberry stand now to get my fix)

  3. The zucchini is struggling this year. :( I hope it snaps out of it soon. And we do have peanut pumpkins again. LOL