Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is how I take pictures of product

     With over 150 different listings, I take lots of pictures.  Many people don't see most and the best ones I use in my listings.  It was suggested last fall that I purchase a light box or some refer to it as a table top studio.  With having little kids around that would take soap from my pictures as I'm taking them, I thought it would be more of a controlled environment.  This is what my light box looks like ...I like to bounce the light off the top to reduce shadows.  I figured that out after watching my daughter in law take graduation pictures. 


I am no way an expert and I keep learning everyday. This article  really helped me learn more about my cameras that I use.  I struggle with the white balance many times.  The article showed me what the possibilities are that I can get from my camera. 


  1. Oh wow! This is so cool, thanks for sharing this little part of your business with us!

  2. very cool!! and your photos always look amazing!

  3. Thanks...I really appreciate that compliment. They weren't too pretty a year ago but I've had lots of help from some great friends on etsy.

  4. Thanks!!! JUST as I am looking to learn to take better pictures!!! Thanks for the insiders look! :-)