Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is always teaching us

     Living in a house with homeschoolers means research...if we don't know something, we look it up.  Throw a wedding at guessed it, we researched.  We've attended weddings, stood up in them but never had a child get married. 
     Then the subject of hair comes up. What do we do?  Our girls all have long hair and they are satisfied putting it up in a ponytail.  We've tried flat irons, hot rollers, curling name it, we've tried it.  One thing we learned real fast, each of the girls hair responds differently.  After googling wedding hair do's and watching rosebud on youtube we think we have it figured out.
     The girls played around yesterday and these are the results.
   To the right is Hannah.  She will be on of the bridesmaids.  Her hair is very straight and stubborn.  We tried more stuff on her hair and within 30 minutes it was gone.  The curls would fall out that fast.  The kids googled and found directions on how to do this style.  It stayed all day and even through chores!!!  SCORE!!!  We were very excited.

To the left is Heather, another bridesmaid.  Her hair is thick and has natural curl.  A few weeks back I layered her hair to help thin it somewhat.  We still weren't real sure what to do.  The girls did the same thing as they did to Hannah.  Another style that held during chores!!!  This was a classy farm last night with the girls doing chores with their up-dos.  LOL

To the right is Emily, one of the guest book attendants.  She is the one that started this whole up-do thing.  Her hair is extremely thick and long.  Hearing the forecast of 85 degrees and humid she wanted her hair up off her neck. 

Now you maybe looking at Angie's hair wondering what we did or what you are looking at.  She is another guest book attendant and wants to be different from her twin sister Emily.  We dyed her hair, I cut it and layered it.  She has a nice natural wave that does anything she wants it to do.  Angie has decided to leave her hair down, again being different than Emily.  :)  We will be using the flat iron to put gentle curls in her hair.

Now you are probably wondering how these up-dos were done.  The girls used the flat iron to put curls all over the whole head.  Next, they gently put it into a ponytail.  Then they used bobby pins to place the curls where they wanted.  The final step was to use hair spray. 


  1. Wow - you ladies should open a salon! It's amazing that you were able to figure out all of the styles using the internet... not to mention that you were able to get them to stay in through chores! Way to go!

  2. The hair looks GREAT!! Nice job ladies!!!

  3. Aw, they all look amazing! Makes me wanna go take a shower and do something with my hair.

  4. Nice job everyone. Can't wait to see the pictures.