Friday, June 25, 2010

Memories of Rocky

     We lost a dear friend today.  He loved to be included in our family, played Frisbee with the kids, went to get our Christmas tree with us and never minded a good practical joke.
     He came to us via some friends of my mom's, Linda and Jim, who allowed us to spend the last 8 1/2 years with the best dog God ever created.  You hear the saying, Gentle Giant and Rocky was just that.  At 125 pounds this yellow lab was crawled upon, visitors had to step over...he would never hurt anyone that came to our farm.
    Rocky would have turned 13 in July this year, which is old for a large farm dog.  In January of 2010 he got very sick and we almost lost him then but with determination our kids would have him stand and they'd massage his legs.  After laying flat out for 3 weeks he came around.  His eye sight and hearing were failing terribly and he never saw our daughter backing out of the garage 10 days ago and he walked right behind the car.  She never saw him either.   Since then, he's been in the barn resting with the cats.  He started sitting up again and we thought he was going to recover.  Today after dinner Mark made the announcement that Rocky passed away.
    When Rocky first came to us the kids quickly discovered that he could play Frisbee.  Every morning and night they'd play with him.  In his younger days he'd jump in the air to catch it, as he got older he'd let it fall and lay next to it.   Even when he lived in the house with us he knew the best place at the dinner table was next to one of the little kids...they always drop food.  So he never needed to beg.  Jason would tease him with treats and balance them on his nose and Rocky had to wait for Jason to say "OK" Then he'd snap it up into the air and grab it with his mouth. 
     He gave our kids some of the best memories anyone could have asked will be missed. 


  1. Oh Marlene, I am so sorry to hear of your family's loss. How is the daughter who was driving doing?

  2. This is very sad news...but what a wonderful life Rocky had with all of you...and you all with him. Lots of love flowed in both directions. A dog could not have asked for a better home or more love and attention. We feel so good about finding such a perfect home for Rocky and thank you all for loving him and giving him a great life. We know you will miss him terribly...our hearts and prayers are with you. Linda & Jim Bauer

  3. Marlene, just got to read this. Been busy all day ... I have tears in my eyes remembering the dogs I have had in my life... And oh goodness.... We have a big black Lab/Newfoundland that will most likely be much bigger than Rocky ever was and he truly is our Gentle Giant. He is SO loving ... I am already so attached to him .. I can't imagine life without him!
    Praying for y'all! Our pets are just as much part of the family as family is, and just as loved and just as missed.

  4. oh sooo sad!!! Just as I was missing our lab Shoeshine... kicking myself for giving him away. RIP Rocky!!! SO sorry Marlene... but I too am glad he had such a good life there with you all!!!