Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moose Fest in Montello

I signed up to sell my soaps at Moose Fest in Montello WI.  Our weekend was very interested as Saturday we delt with high winds and couldn't keep the canopy up.  We weren't the only vendors that struggled.  Sales were non-exsistant to sluggish for both days.  The sky was beautiful blue both days which resulted in a nice sun burn. 

 This was my display on Sunday.  I really wasn't sure if I wanted to be there so I didn't set everything up. 
Our 3 canopies from the WIST team on etsy.  There were 6 of us on Saturday and only 4 came back on Sunday.

The canopy that Bev and I shared is on the left. 
The 4 of us that went on Sunday...Amanda, Heather, myself and Bev.
Behind us was a pond with a waterfall...including 2 swans. (Picture taken by Angie)


  1. aw too bad it didnt work out!
    (I had the same thing... a not well attended event I signed up for, I ended up leaving early both days)

  2. Moose Fest ended up with a 7,000 attendance per the Sheriff's Dept. I am sorry the sales were not there for you, there were four vendors in that park that did do very well but you are correct about the public was not buying much of anything. The Fox Valley is interested in hosting the event next spring and I hope you would consider it.