Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Chicken Teacher

Living on a farm comes lots of chores.  Everyone pitches in and helps where they can.  Karlie (6) and Livi (3) are in charge of gathering eggs from our chickens.  Every day they go out together and bring in the eggs.  Each day I'll ask them, "how many eggs did you find today?"  This particular question brings about the most unique answers, usually from Karlie.  One day she told me that "one more and we would have a dozen".  Karlie doesn't always use a number for her answer, it's usually a response that will make you think.  She's always right but you just have to chuckle.  On another day she answered, "one dozen plus four".

These 2 little girls also know how to tell if an egg is good.  If you put an egg in water, if they sink they are good, if they float they are bad.  They will find eggs in the garage, shed and this is a valuable skill to them.

I haven't seen it myself but they also have a system to get the eggs from the mean chicken, as they call it.  Karlie pulls at it's tail feathers and Livi quickly grabs the eggs.

Karlie and Livi take great pride in their chores. 

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