Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting ready for our first wedding

We've been scrambling around trying to get ready for a graduation party and wedding...only 12 days apart, not easy.  These pictures are sneak previews as to what's to come June 12.
Hannah and Heather in their bridesmaids dresses.  Heather is going to kill me for this picture...LOL  We needed to hem them so they put them on quick. 
My skirt and jacket I made myself.  This was before I took it in to get pressed.
These buttons I got from I Need Closure  She custom made them for me and this occasion.  I'm so proud of them.
 The wedding favors are done!!!
The front of Karlie's flower girl dress.  I made this one too.  I'm not really happy with how it turned out but the booboo's no one will see.  I covered them up.  :)
The back of the dress.


  1. Love watching the going ons! I know you are busy, post more if you can!

  2. You are doing such an awesome job! Come June 13th, find that nice comfy chair and take a load off. (at least for a day) haha

  3. Wow all the outfits look great! And the favors are fantastic. What a lot of work (but fun)! Wishing you all the best and happy times.

  4. Love it all Marlene! Super Woman I say!