Friday, July 2, 2010

Waupun Farmer's Market

     If you are ever wondering where to find me check out the Waupun Farmer's Market on Thursdays from 4-7.  Only in it's second year this little market set along the Rock River has a vast array of things to offer.  Everything from honey, buffalo, grass fed meats, woodworking, glass art, candles, jewelry, seasonal produce, flowers (fresh cut and potted), antler art, knitted items and my soap.
     With ample parking and a play ground for the kids to play, this market offers enjoyment for the whole family.  So if you are looking for the freshest need to go to a farmers market.  Maybe you might be looking for that special gift you won't find anywhere need to get to a farmers market.
This is our son Ethan (8) who I take with me as my helper.  On this day I took lotions, so that made my display a little bigger.  Usually I just have my soaps with me.
This is looking down one way through the market.  Right now you can find 25-30 vendors there selling their wares.
These are the vendors next to me.  After seeing the pictures I forgot to take some across from me.
So if you are ever in the Waupun area on Thursdays between 4-7 stop by and smell the newest soaps or try some lotion.  This is the display you need to look for...Ethan will sell you anything, trust me.  He sold his first bar of soap yesterday and was so proud of himself.    I'm usually chasing Preston our almost 16 month old or talking to vendors.  :) 


  1. I was wondering how to do a FM without Jerrys help... and it dawns on me that Taylor and Sierra are old enough to add and make change... so I should just take them all and chase the babies and talk to vendors while they sell for me. :-D Its worth a shot right? Hey... what size is that banner you have in the pic here? I am interested in getting one myself but couldn't picture the sizes in my head...

  2. I got the banner from vista's their large one.

    Yes, this is an excellent way to get the kids to help, count money, and socialize...hehe