Thursday, July 1, 2010

How does your garden grow?

After selling produce for 14 years we are finally growing a garden just for us.  This is small in our opinion because we're use to having over 4 acres in garden.  So we don't know how much "we" need.  So sit back and enjoy while I give you a tour of our garden...

This first picture is the old strawberry bed.  Mark took the cultivator and put rows back in for easier picking and weeding. 

This next picture shows the new strawberry bed.  
 To the right of the new strawberry bed we have our cucumbers and sunflowers. 
On the ends of the new strawberry bed we put our onions, broccoli, beans and zucchini. 
Then running the other way is our popcorn patch.  Our younger kids don't even remember us growing popcorn before.
Now I'm looking back at what I just showed you.  
This is where we had our spinach and we have kohlrabi, cabbage and cauliflower.
The tomato patch where we are hoping lots of tomatoes grow.  We make all our own ketchup, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes, juice and salsa. 
This is where our pumpkins, squash and gourds are growing.  Somewhere in there is my peanut pumpkins!!!  I first saw a picture of a peanut pumpkin from a good friend on Etsy.  Be sure to check out her shops  Vintage Station and Busy Beading and Runs with Scissors
The full bloom!!!
This is the sweet corn with a new row of beans and lettuce planted in front.  We have 16 rows of sweet corn the length of the garden.  
This concludes the tour of my garden. 


  1. WOW!!! Reminds me of my family back home and their gardens when I was just a kid. How I miss fresh grown produce. Looks awesome Marlene.

  2. Beautiful!

    If you have any extra strawberries you know where to send them... :)

  3. My very first thought was, where are the peanut pumpkins! So glad you included them in this wonderful garden and thanks so much for the mention!

  4. Just curious as to why you're not selling anymore. We are thinking of getting into this.
    I am a SHE team member.

  5. We aren't selling anymore because we are running out of drivers to go to market. We tried to sell off the farm but not many people would stop. :( Plus, the last couple of years sales have been down. There is a lot of competition in our area with produce.

    It was a great run for a few years. Our older kids all had enough money to buy their first cars and had some extra for college. It is a lot of work and it will take a couple of years to get your name out.