Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our day in Wisconsin Dells

Our horses for the tour...Dan and Dick.
Early in the summer we grow extra strawberries and use that as our summer fun money.As our summer comes to a close, we knew we had one more chance to get in a day trip.    At first we thought about going to Devil's Lake but today ended up being a last minute decision.  5 minutes before we left we found this place on the internet Lost Canyon.  So we printed off directions...we're only an hour away!  This was a very enjoyable tour and very relaxing.  Our tour guide was trying to tell Ethan and Karlie that they had to return at 6 pm to do barn duty...that's why their tickets were half off...LOL   
The horses had to get the buggy through very narrow passages.
After our horse and buggy ride we took the upper dells tour via boat...over 2 hours long!  Did we have fun!!!  Weird Al came out with a song recently that fits our tours.  We put all of these pictures on a DVD to the song Skipper Dan.  Enjoy!

Karlie and Ethan

Mark will talk anyone's ear off...this man was from Connecticut   

Preston fell asleep so Mark stayed back to let him rest.    We were hoping Mark wouldn't fall asleep too.

Preston sleeping.  Funny thing is when talking to Preston the next day...this was his favorite part.  But next time he wants to go on the "fast" boats.  We saw some of them and he was impressed.

This was cool watching this man being pulled by a boat.  
I hope you enjoyed these 17 pictures...they are the best of 267 that we took this day.

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