Friday, April 29, 2011

Is spring finally here?

I was just outside trying out my new camera and I think I found spring.  It's been cold and wet this spring and some days we wonder if it will ever change...change might be coming.  Enjoy the pictures.
Angie weeding the herb garden

Preston pulling the wagon with Karlie pushing and Livi riding

Lilacs thinking about blossoming

Tulips ready to open

Magnolias ready to burst with color
my finds at the Amish greenhouses this morning

Diesel our house cat

Emily mowing lawn for the first time

Cherry trees waking up

Apple trees showing life

Sedum poking through

Laundry, going to smell nice and fresh


  1. Spring looks beautiful out there!

  2. NICE!!! Appears Spring has sprung ~ now we hope it stays around for a while. Have some Spring fun! (I have to plan a trip back there that's for sure)

  3. Careful Marlene! When Doodle says she may visit, she really might just show up. LOL

    Love where you live and I love Spring. It's hard adjusting to desert life sometimes, but I'm planting as many flowers as I can. :)