Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Forever in Blue Jeans

     Our farm girls love their blue jeans and will wear them until they show too much, if you know what I mean.  Heather, Hannah, Angie and Emily have saved every pair and even though they were full of holes didn't have the heart to toss them.  The idea of a jean quilt was brought up but knew we need the time to make them.  Before winter break we discussed doing them when they'd be home for a few weeks.  We also talked about the weight of these quilts and thought a lap quilt would be the best idea. 
Cutting 6" squares

After laying out a pair of jeans we decided that a 6" square would be the best choice for size.  It used most of the leg plus we were able to use some of the pockets and smaller holes.  I was a little concerned when I cut the very first pair of jeans thinking that these girls were going to turn on the water works remembering when they wore them.  It turns out that the first pair was a hand-me-down from Aimee to Angie and she wore that pair when we dropped Heather off at college her freshman year.  Each of these pairs has/had a story to tell and the girls are quick to tell you.  That's why these quilts mean so much to them. 

Each of the girls took a job when assembling the quilts.  Emily sewed, Heather double checked each of the squares because most of them ended up cut with scissors, Hannah cut apart each group of squares and too over to Angie who was ironing.  Then Hannah took back to Emily the groups of squares.  The girls did most of the work.  I helped for a while just to get a good push.  Within 4 hours they had the tops all put together. 

 Then came the tying...with the weight of the tops we just sandwiched everything and laid them out on the floor.  Again, they each took a job and in no time they were done. 

The quilt(s) before I put the binding on for them.  They chose this funky flannel I had picked up a couple of years ago from JoAnn Fabrics on black Friday. 

Angie and Hannah
Emily and Heather

Our girls with their finished quilts.  Great job girls!!!!  They are already saving squares to make their little sisters quilt too!   Now Emily is trying to figure out how to recycle their barn shoes...I don't think so!!!!

These quilts took 1.5 yards for each of the backs and roughly .5 yards for each of the bindings.  I used 3" strips for the binding.  


  1. those are AWESOME!! Great work girls. I have been saving old jeans to do the same thing just haven't gotten around to it yet.
    AND great post title, that is my fav. Neil Diamond song!!!

  2. What a great job! I have some old blue jeans, but I don't think I ever would have considered a quilt. I'm in awe! Good work girls. :)

  3. Those are great!
    A couple questions: what's the finished size of the quilts? My sister wants me to make her a quilt out of her Toms flags, and this seems perfect.

    And those barn shoes, wouldn't they be nice with a pretty plant in them?

  4. They are the width of 44/45" fabric and 1 1/2 yards long.

    LOL...We'd have so many planters around here...LOL

  5. Love the jean quilts. Looks like you had fun!