Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stay Organized~Stay Focused

I get asked a lot about how we do it with a large family.  The big thing is to stay organized and on top of things.  I have charts and calenders printed off because we have a busy spring.  Our planning for this spring started last August when I started buying prizes for the bridal shower.  We knew we were going to have a shower but didn't know when.  Then after Christmas I started buckling down for the bridal shower.  Setting the date, menu, invitations, etc. Having the shower in March we didn't have to worry about mowing the lawn or weeding flower beds so we worked on things in the house that would still look nice for everything else.  Trimming out the bathroom windows, painting our bedroom and painting the kitchen.  I also took on a challenge of making a new quilt for our room, I started in January and I'm still working on it...LOL  If I get the top done I'll be happy because I could just lay that on our bed and get it machine quilted after the wedding. 

This past Saturday we celebrated Ethan's first communion and in less than 7 weeks we'll have a graduation party and wedding in the family.  It really gets difficult to stay focused on finishing up the school year when things get busy.  I printed off the May and June calenders to put on the fridge.  Writing in everything that we know of for sure like piano lesson, the orthodontist, graduation party, wedding etc.  From there we'll make a list of what needs to get done, like weeding the flower beds, planting garden, for me lots more sewing for the wedding along with the wedding favors.  Plus, Hannah, Angie and Emily all have off the farm need to keep that in mind also.

So we break the jobs down to 1 extra hour a day spent on the things that need to get done.  That way it doesn't take away from school work or their jobs.  If it's raining, then we do inside things.  

Also planning ahead can help spread out the cost.  Things you know you'll need can be bought ahead of time.  Then it doesn't become a shock to the wallet. 

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